Podcast Ep. 58 | Joy Smith of Joy Organics

Is your CBD Oil Fake?
May 7, 2019
CBD for Anxiety
May 7, 2019

Listen in to my conversation with Joy Smith of Joy Organics. Keep reading to grab your discount code for their excellent line of CBD products below. Joy and I …

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  1. Josue Aragon says:

    She just opened a local shop here in Austin. had the pleasure to meet her daughter. I was suffering from injuries from my accident. I have pain in my knee, hand, and suffer from anxiety/depression. Her daughter took the time to explain the product and recommended a product. Good experience I wish them great success.

  2. Wood Woman says:

    They are not up to date on their web site with test results. They are dated July 2018 and doesn’t look like a legitimate test result.

  3. Carl Hammill says:

    I help my wife run her skincare company and I can tell you first hand finding payment processor for anything with CBD oil in it is very very difficult. Our shopify account got shut down for it. Now you can find 3rd party payment gateways but there is ton of paper work to fill out and credit card processing fees are very high. They basically place you in high risk category which they call psuedo-pharmaceuticals. My sense is the financial systems are not ready yet for CBD oil. Which is shame because my state farmers are now allowed to grow CBD. Will just have to wait this out.

  4. This is a great video info

  5. BOBObro kake says:

    Affiliate program makes your prices at least 20% over priced !!

  6. BOBObro kake says:

    is her product LAB Certified ? !!

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